Tesla Celebrates Production of Five Millionth Electric Vehicle

Tesla, the leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has achieved a significant milestone by producing its five millionth EV. This achievement comes just six months after reaching the four millionth mark. The milestone was marked at Tesla’s highly productive factory in Shanghai, where the five millionth EV, a white Tesla Model 3, was produced.

In a Weibo post commemorating the milestone, Tesla shared a photo of the Model 3 surrounded by the GigaShanghai team. The image also showcased multiple new Model 3 vehicles being tested and finished as they rolled off the production line.

The post also provided a timeline highlighting the progression of Tesla’s production. It took the company 12 years to produce the first million EVs, followed by 18 months for each subsequent million up to the four millionth milestone. Surprisingly, Tesla managed to produce one million EVs in just six months to reach the momentous five millionth mark.

Australia has been a key market for Tesla, with over 70,000 EVs sold in the country over the last decade. Since shifting the Australian supply plant from Fremont to Shanghai in 2021, Tesla has produced 64,500 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles for the Australian market. These models have proven to be the best-selling EVs in the country.

In addition to the Fremont and Shanghai plants, Tesla has recently opened two new factories. The first is located in Germany, which manufactures Model Y vehicles for the European market. The Shanghai plant continues to produce and deliver the Model 3 to Europe. The second new factory is Tesla’s largest to date, situated in Texas. It produces Model Y vehicles for the North American market and will be the main manufacturing plant for the highly anticipated Cybertruck.

Furthermore, Tesla has plans to establish a factory in Mexico to produce its upcoming affordable “Model 2” car, priced at $25,000.

These production milestones reflect Tesla’s remarkable growth over the years. Just five years ago, the company faced significant production challenges, famously described by CEO Elon Musk as “production hell.” However, Tesla has overcome these obstacles and continues to revolutionize the EV industry.

As Tesla celebrates its five millionth produced vehicle, it also recently opened its 50,000th Supercharger station. With this rapid expansion, it is projected that Tesla will reach the six millionth vehicle milestone in early 2024.

– Tesla Weibo Page
– Riz, Founder of Carloop