Tesla Introduces Simplified Autopilot Activation and Separate Backseat Audio in Latest Software Update

Tesla has recently released its latest software update, version 2023.38.8, bringing notable enhancements to Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta functionality, as well as a new feature for Tesla vehicles equipped with a rear screen.

In a bid to streamline the activation process, Tesla now offers users the option to activate Autopilot or FSD Beta with a single stalk depression, making it more convenient and user-friendly. This change reflects Tesla’s ongoing commitment to making self-driving capabilities an integral part of the ownership experience.

Additionally, the software update allows for a seamless separation of audio between the front and back seats for vehicles equipped with a rear screen. Passengers in the backseat can now connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to the rear screen and enjoy personalized audio while the rest of the vehicle’s occupants continue listening to separate audio playing through the front speakers.

To utilize this new feature, Tesla advises users to pair their headphones by navigating to the App Launcher, selecting Rear Display, then Settings, and finally Add New Headphones. Once connected, passengers can enjoy their preferred audio by opening a Theater app on the rear screen and hitting play.

While Tesla has begun rolling out the update, it may take some time to reach all vehicles. Owners can expect to receive the update notification in the coming weeks, as Tesla progressively makes it available across its fleet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the new software update benefit all Tesla vehicle owners?
  2. Yes, the simplified Autopilot activation and the separate backseat audio feature are applicable to Tesla vehicles that have the necessary hardware and software capabilities. Owners should check if their specific model supports these functionalities.

  3. Can I activate Autopilot/FSD Beta using a single stalk depression in older versions of the software?
  4. No, this specific update, version 2023.38.8, introduces the option to activate Autopilot or FSD Beta with a single stalk depression. Previous software versions required two stalk depressions to engage Autopilot.

  5. How many wireless Bluetooth headphones can connect to the rear screen simultaneously?
  6. Up to two wireless Bluetooth headphones can be paired with the rear screen for separate backseat audio enjoyment.

  7. Will Tesla continue to improve Autopilot and FSD Beta functionalities in future updates?
  8. Yes, Tesla is actively working on enhancing its Autopilot and FSD Beta capabilities and regularly releases software updates to introduce new features, improvements, and optimizations. It’s advisable for owners to regularly update their Tesla vehicles to benefit from the latest advancements.