Southern California Road Rage Driver Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

A road rage driver in Southern California, known as “Tesla Road Rage Guy,” has been sentenced to five years in prison for his violent actions. The driver, whose real name is Nathaniel Walter Radimak, targeted at least 10 people, mostly women, in a series of road rage attacks across the LA area. This is not his first encounter with the law; he has a criminal history spanning eight states over 20 years.

One of the victims, who chose to remain anonymous, shared her experience with Radimak. She recalled how he went around her and stopped on a busy freeway, then proceeded to attack her. She feared for her safety and believed that he would break her car window if she didn’t escape.

Other victims also came forward and expressed their concerns about Radimak’s potential future actions. One victim, known as “Gracia,” voiced her fear that he would be angered upon release, especially since their names had been publicly revealed. Some victims believe that a five-year prison sentence is not enough.

The victims maintain contact with each other and provide support through a group chat, which serves as a platform for updates on Radimak’s case. Radimak is currently detained in LA County’s Men Central Jail in Downtown LA.

Sources: ABC 7