Tesla Customers Can Now Take a Tour of Gigafactory with Referral Credits

Tesla customers now have the opportunity to get an inside look at the manufacturing process of their cars. With 15,000 referral credits, users can redeem them for a walking tour of either Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas or its Fremont Factory in California. The tour can be taken by the Tesla account holder and three guests, excluding children under the age of 12.

Once the offer is redeemed, Tesla will provide further details on scheduling the tour within five business days. However, there are some restrictions on the trip. Customers are not allowed to take pictures or videos during the tour, including with Tesla’s forthcoming Cybertruck.

For European customers, a similar tour of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin can be obtained with 15,000 referral credits.

Accumulating referral credits can be done by having friends or family use a referral link to purchase a Tesla product for the first time or by taking a demo drive of a Tesla. Tesla rewards active participants of its referral program in multiple ways. In the past, customers were able to redeem 30,000 credits for an invitation to the Cybertruck delivery event, which is set to take place later this year.

Overall, this opportunity allows Tesla customers to gain a deeper understanding of how their cars are manufactured and serves as a unique perk for their loyalty and participation in the referral program.

– Benzinga