Tesla Introduces New Features in its Mobile App for Wall Connector

Tesla is planning to enhance its mobile app for managing the Wall Connector home charging equipment. The updated functionality will allow users to control various features of the Wall Connector, including scheduling charging sessions and accessing data about other home energy products. Tesla’s third-generation Wall Connectors are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, but until now, they mainly offered features for destination charging.

Although the web page for the Tesla App for Wall Connector is visible on the company’s website, these settings are not yet accessible to all users. It is possible that the updated functionality is currently available only in certain markets or not yet available on Android. However, some users in the US and Canada have reported being able to access the integration.

The registration process for connecting the Wall Connector to the app is explained on Tesla’s website. After tapping the profile picture icon and selecting “Add Product” and then “Wall Connector,” users need to scan the Wall Connector QR code and join the Wi-Fi network. Once connected, the Tesla app allows real-time charging status monitoring and provides software updates for the Wall Connector.

The advantages of using the mobile app with the Wall Connector are also highlighted on the web page. These include the ability to set up a charging schedule, review charging history, and monitor the entire Tesla energy ecosystem in your home. Furthermore, Tesla states that the Wall Connector can be controlled through the app, regardless of whether the owner has a Tesla vehicle or a non-Tesla electric vehicle.

Tesla recently released an updated Universal Wall Connector option that can be used to charge electric vehicles from other automakers. The regular Wall Connector is priced at $475, while the Universal Wall Connector is available for $595.

Source: Tesla, Electrek, Teslarati