Tesla Removes Controversial Legal Clause from Cybertruck Purchase Agreement

Tesla has responded to the outcry over reports that it planned to sue Cybertruck owners who resold the vehicle within a year by eliminating the contentious legal clause from its purchase agreement. The all-electric pickup truck, set to hit the roads soon, originally included a clause that threatened legal action and a $50,000 penalty against buyers who sold the Cybertruck at a profit within one year, citing long waiting periods. However, after facing widespread backlash from customers who had already made bookings, Tesla decided to remove the clause entirely.

While the Cybertruck’s website still outlines Tesla dealerships’ ability to resell the vehicle, individual customers are not subject to any penalty for reselling their purchased Cybertruck within a year. Moreover, the clause allowing Tesla the right of first refusal on resales has also been eliminated. Dealerships, however, are currently limited to reselling only one Cybertruck per purchaser and at a price lower than the original cost.

Tesla’s decision to remove the controversial clause diverges from the practices of other carmakers who have historically implemented similar restrictions to maintain exclusivity for their niche sports cars. Notable brands like Ford, Ferrari, and Porsche have employed no-reselling clauses in the past. By removing the clause, Tesla may face potential challenges in preventing the emergence of a black market for the Cybertruck, given the significant backlog of advance orders.

In conclusion, Tesla’s decision to amend the purchase agreement for the Cybertruck aligns with customer demands and demonstrates the company’s willingness to listen and make changes accordingly. As the launch of the Cybertruck approaches, customers can now have peace of mind, knowing that they are free to resell their vehicles without fear of legal repercussions.


Why did Tesla remove the legal clause from the Cybertruck purchase agreement?

Tesla removed the clause in response to widespread backlash from customers who had already made bookings for the Cybertruck. The company decided to eliminate the clause entirely and allow buyers the freedom to resell the vehicle within a year without facing any penalties.

Will Tesla still have the right of first refusal on resales?

No, Tesla has also removed the clause that granted them the right of first refusal on resales. Individual customers are now unrestricted in their ability to resell their purchased Cybertruck within a year.

How does this differ from other carmakers’ practices?

Other carmakers, such as Ford, Ferrari, and Porsche, have historically implemented no-reselling clauses to maintain the exclusivity of their niche sports cars. In contrast, Tesla’s decision to remove the clause diverges from this practice and aims to address the concerns of its customers.