Tesla Installs 50,000th Supercharging Stall in California

Tesla recently celebrated a significant milestone with the installation of its 50,000th Supercharging stall. The company shared images of the jubilee charging stall, which stands out from the rest due to its unique red color, specifically the Ultra Red used on the Model S/Model X. Located somewhere in the world, Tesla enthusiasts were quick to determine the location as Roseville, California.

The 50,000th Supercharging stall is situated at 1851 Freedom Way in Roseville, as confirmed by a video shared by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley. It is expected that the site will become popular among Tesla drivers in the area, resulting in increased traffic. Despite its special appearance, there is no indication that the charging stall differs in terms of power output or charging cost from the standard units. It is likely to be a typical 250-kilowatt unit.

With over 5,000 stations globally, Tesla’s Supercharging network remains the largest fast-charging network in the world. The company continues to install new stalls at a rapid rate, ensuring its network retains its position as the largest in the near future. Additionally, Tesla has plans to make Superchargers more accessible to non-Tesla electric vehicles through a pilot program. Other manufacturers are also transitioning to Tesla’s NACS charging connector in North America, broadening the options for electric vehicle owners.

As the EV industry evolves, charging companies and other manufacturers are actively working on expanding their own charging networks. This competition will create a diverse range of charging options in terms of power, pricing, locations, reliability, and amenities. The growth of infrastructure for electric vehicles is a positive development, as it will ultimately benefit all EV drivers and accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

– Tesla
– Tesla Owners Silicon Valley