Tesla Expands Supercharger Network with 22 New Stations

Tesla is rapidly expanding its Supercharger network, with 22 new locations announced between November 8 and 15. The company is deploying its latest V4 charging hardware, which has been spotted in various countries. The Supercharger map currently shows these sites offering up to 250 kW charging capacity, the same as Tesla’s V3 chargers. However, it is expected that Tesla will eventually upgrade these sites to offer up to 350 kW for even faster charging.

One notable addition is the opening of a V4 Supercharger at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany. This further demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to expanding its charging infrastructure globally. The speed at which Tesla is rolling out these Supercharger stations is certainly impressive, especially as other automakers are set to gain access to them in the coming years.

The new Supercharger locations are spread across different countries, including the United States, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Canada, and more. Each location offers varying numbers of charging stalls, with some sites featuring the V4 stalls.

This expansion is a significant milestone for Tesla, as it surpasses 2,000 active Supercharger stations in the United States alone. With the consistent growth of its charging network, Tesla continues to solidify its position as a leader in electric vehicle infrastructure.


Q: What is Tesla’s Supercharger network?
A: Tesla’s Supercharger network is a network of fast-charging stations specifically designed for Tesla electric vehicles. These stations provide high-power charging to enable long-distance travel and reduce charging time for Tesla owners.

Q: What is Tesla’s V4 charging hardware?
A: Tesla’s V4 charging hardware refers to the latest generation of Supercharger technology. It offers faster charging speeds and higher power output compared to previous versions, allowing for quicker recharging of Tesla vehicles.

Q: Will Tesla upgrade the current Supercharger sites to offer faster charging?
A: Yes, Tesla is expected to upgrade its existing Supercharger sites to offer faster charging speeds in the future. While the current Supercharger map shows a maximum charging capacity of 250 kW, the V4 hardware is capable of delivering up to 350 kW for even faster charging.

Q: How many Supercharger stations does Tesla have?
A: As of November 15, 2023, Tesla has surpassed 2,000 active Supercharger stations in the United States alone. The global count of Supercharger stations is continually growing as Tesla expands its charging network worldwide.