Tesla’s AI Innovations Attract Attention from Goldman Sachs

Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently received accolades from analysts at Goldman Sachs who have reiterated a “Neutral” rating for the company. Along with this rating, the analysts have set a 12-month price target of $235 per share for Tesla. Their assessment is fueled by Tesla’s continued efforts in advancing its AI and Full Self-Driving (FSD) programs.

Goldman Sachs analysts recognize Tesla’s potential for growth in high-margin areas, specifically within its own fleet. They suggest that Tesla may prioritize gaining traction in other segments before exploring further possibilities such as FSD licensing or offering its powerful Dojo supercomputer as a service. By seizing these opportunities, Tesla has the potential to significantly boost its revenue and value.

The analysts highlight Tesla’s unique position in the electric vehicle sector, with CEO Elon Musk considering the company’s core identity to be centered around artificial intelligence (AI). Musk has even gone on record stating that he believes AI could propel Tesla to become the most valuable company globally. Tesla’s AI Day events in 2021 and 2022 showcased the company’s dedication to advancing AI technologies.

Goldman Sachs analysts emphasize that Tesla is primed to emerge as a trailblazer in AI-related innovations. The company’s extensive resources and industry-leading engineering talent in chip design, data fields, hardware, and software contribute to this optimistic outlook. Tesla’s leadership in the AI sector is expected to bolster its AI-based businesses, particularly the FSD technology, which serves as the foundation for its ambitious robotaxi venture. While FSD has presented challenges for Tesla, anticipation is high for the upcoming V12 update, which promises significant improvements to the advanced driver-assist system.

The recognition from Goldman Sachs underscores Tesla’s progress and potential in the AI field. As the company continues to innovate and make advancements in AI, it solidifies its position not only as an electric vehicle manufacturer but also as a prominent player in the AI industry.


1. What is Full Self-Driving (FSD)?

Full Self-Driving (FSD) refers to Tesla’s advanced driver-assist system that aims to offer autonomous driving capabilities. It utilizes various technologies such as cameras, sensors, and AI algorithms to enable a vehicle to navigate and operate without human intervention.

2. What is Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer?

Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer is a powerful computing system developed by the company to accelerate its AI research and training efforts. It is designed to process large amounts of data and train AI models efficiently.

3. How does Tesla’s AI leadership benefit its AI-based businesses?

Tesla’s AI leadership strengthens its AI-based businesses, particularly the FSD technology. By excelling in AI innovations, Tesla can enhance the capabilities and reliability of its autonomous driving technology, which is integral to its planned robotaxi service. This, in turn, can drive growth and revenue opportunities for the company.