The Tesla Model Y: A Paradigm Shift in Malaysian Automotive Market

The arrival of Tesla cars in Malaysia has caused quite a stir among car enthusiasts. With the launch of the Model Y in July, Malaysians have been captivated by the name, the founder Elon Musk, and the overall concept of Tesla. While electric vehicles are still fairly new to the Malaysian market, Tesla’s entry has sparked curiosity and excitement.

Taking the Model Y for a test drive, it becomes evident that this car is unlike any typical vehicle on the road. The interior design follows a futuristic concept, with a simplistic approach that focuses on functionality. One notable feature is the absence of a traditional start button. As soon as the driver gets behind the wheel and presses the brake pedal, the car is ready to accelerate. Gear shifting is made convenient with the placement of the gear stalk behind the steering wheel on the right-hand side.

Once in drive mode, the Model Y impresses with its quiet engine. The car offers a range of customizations, including different types of acceleration preferences. The touchscreen display provides easy access to these functions, allowing drivers to choose between standard acceleration, a smoother ride with the “chill” option, or a more punchy acceleration in sport mode. The car’s performance is pleasurable, with sharp pick-up and a spacious cabin that provides ample legroom for both front and rear passengers.

When it comes to technology, Tesla’s reliance on computer programming is evident. The Model Y features autopilot capabilities, though it’s important to note that these features are not meant to replace the driver. The basic autopilot features include traffic-aware cruise control and autosteer, which can be activated by double-pressing the gear stalk. The touchscreen display then shows the road and cars ahead, helping to maintain speed and distance from other vehicles while keeping the car in the correct lane. The driver must still keep at least one hand on the steering wheel for safety purposes.

Safety is a key aspect of the Model Y’s design. Equipped with eight cameras, the car provides assistance with blind spots and emergency situations. Lane assist technology monitors lane markers and surroundings, and activating the indicators brings up a side view of adjacent vehicles on the display screen. Additionally, the car’s automatic emergency braking system works to reduce the impact of collisions in dangerous scenarios.

With its unique features and advanced technology, the Tesla Model Y represents a paradigm shift in the Malaysian automotive market. As electric vehicles gain traction in the country, Tesla’s entry paves the way for a new era of futuristic, sustainable transportation.


1. How does the Tesla Model Y start?

The Model Y does not have a traditional start button. Once the driver gets behind the wheel and presses the brake pedal, the car is ready to accelerate.

2. Can I customize the acceleration preferences in the Model Y?

Yes, the Model Y offers various options for acceleration customization. These preferences can be adjusted through the car’s touchscreen display.

3. Does the Model Y have autonomous driving features?

Yes, the Model Y has autopilot capabilities, including traffic-aware cruise control and autosteer. However, it’s important to note that these features are not intended to replace the driver.

4. How does the Model Y prioritize safety?

The Model Y is equipped with eight cameras that assist with blind spots and emergency situations. It also features lane assist technology and an automatic emergency braking system to enhance driver safety.

5. Is the Model Y suitable for Malaysian road conditions?

Yes, the Model Y is designed to handle various road conditions. With its compact crossover design and elevated seating position, it provides a better road view for the driver.