Lucid Air: Balancing Basics and Refinement

The Lucid Air, released in 2023, has managed to get the basics right when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs). The core fact remains that even the base Pure trim offers over 400 miles of range and can charge as fast as 250 kW. This puts it on par with gasoline-powered cars, provided the necessary charging infrastructure is in place. However, the Air Pure is not without its flaws.

While the Lucid Air demonstrates several interesting features, the overall package may not be perfect. The car experienced issues such as a malfunctioning headlight and a frunk (front trunk) that falsely indicated it was open. The driving assist features also left much to be desired, with the car veering within its lane. These minor faults serve as indications that the refinement of the vehicle could use some improvement.

Despite these imperfections, the Lucid Air is still an enticing option, albeit one with a hefty price tag. Starting at $82,400, the Air Pure offers a spacious interior, impeccable ride quality, and an impressive 480 horsepower. The immense range, even in the base trim, eliminates worries about how far the car can go. Lucid’s advanced electric drivetrain hardware, including compact and powerful drive units, contributes to the vehicle’s compelling performance.

Interior space is another aspect in which the Lucid Air excels. Unlike some EVs hindered by bulky battery packs, the Air effectively manages its interior volume, resulting in a comfortable and roomy cabin. With heated seats for all passengers, individual HVAC controls for rear passengers, and stylish design choices such as a tweed-upholstered dashboard, the Air’s interior is one of its standout features.

On the downside, the driving experience of the Lucid Air didn’t provide the expected thrill often associated with EVs. The steering lacked the desired feedback from the road, and the inability to disable regenerative braking made cornering a less satisfying experience. However, the ride quality remained excellent, even when traversing rough roads.

Although the Lucid Air has its strengths and weaknesses, it presents a compelling option in the EV market. While certain refinements are needed, the basics are firmly in place, making it a solid foundation for future iterations of the Lucid brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the starting price of the Lucid Air Pure?

The Lucid Air Pure starts at $82,400.

2. What is the range of the Lucid Air Pure?

The Lucid Air Pure offers a range of over 400 miles.

3. Can the Lucid Air charge as fast as a gasoline-powered car?

Yes, with the appropriate charging infrastructure, the Lucid Air can charge as fast as 250 kW, comparable to gasoline-powered cars.

4. What are some of the issues experienced with the Lucid Air?

Some reported issues with the Lucid Air include a malfunctioning headlight, false indications of an open frunk, and mediocre performance of the driving assist features.

5. How does the Lucid Air compare to other EVs?

The Lucid Air stands out with its impressive interior space, ride quality, and range. However, certain driving aspects, such as steering feedback and regenerative braking, may leave room for improvement.