2024 Volkswagen Tiguan: New Design, Plug-In Hybrid Option, and Impressive EV Range

Volkswagen has introduced the all-new 2024 Tiguan, the third generation of this popular crossover model. With over 7.6 million units sold worldwide since its debut in 2007, the Tiguan has proven itself to be one of Volkswagen’s best-selling vehicles.

One of the major highlights of the 2024 Tiguan is the introduction of a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version for the European market. This PHEV Tiguan promises an impressive best-in-class electric vehicle (EV) range of 62 miles. However, it’s important to note that this range is based on the European WLTP cycle, which tends to be more generous than the testing standards in the US.

Aside from its electrified powertrain, the 2024 Tiguan boasts a completely redesigned exterior. The new model features a rounder shape, with a front fascia and headlights that are flush and curved, contributing to improved aerodynamics. In fact, the Tiguan’s drag coefficient has been enhanced from 0.33 to an impressive 0.28.

European customers will have a wide range of engine choices for the 2024 Tiguan, including turbo diesel, gas turbo, and mild hybrid options. The introduction of the PHEV variant provides an exciting choice for environmentally-conscious buyers who prioritize electric driving. With an estimated 62 miles of EV range, the Tiguan PHEV surpasses competitors like the Toyota RAV4 Prime and Hyundai Tucson Plug-In Hybrid, which offer up to 42 and 33 miles of EV range, respectively.

While the availability of the Tiguan PHEV in the US market is still uncertain, Volkswagen has confirmed that a long wheelbase version of the crossover will debut in the US next year. This opens up the possibility of the PHEV powertrain being offered in the US market as well.

Overall, the 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan delivers a fresh design, enhanced aerodynamics, and the option of a plug-in hybrid powertrain with an impressive EV range. It demonstrates Volkswagen’s commitment to electric mobility and offers customers a compelling choice in the highly competitive crossover segment.

– Jalopnik