The European Union Rejects Porsche’s Attempt to Trademark EV Sound

The European Union (EU) has rejected Porsche’s application to trademark the synthetic engine noise produced by its Taycan and other electric vehicles (EVs). According to the EU, the tone of the noise does not stand out enough to warrant trademark protection. Porsche had described its EV sound as “futuristic, melodious, and having a certain tempo as well as motives and dynamics.” The automaker even compared it to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Knight Rider’s KITT, and the lightsabers from Star Wars. However, the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) deemed the sound not distinctive enough and irrelevant to compare to a musical composition.

While the rejection is disappointing for Porsche, its rival BMW recently obtained a continent-wide trademark for one of its EV sounds. Porsche plans to appeal the EUIPO’s decision, as it has already been successful in trademarking the sound in its home country.


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