The Maven Cargo: An E-Bike Designed for Female Riders

Integral Electrics, a company focused on designing e-bikes that cater specifically to female riders, has introduced the Maven Cargo e-bike. The goal of the Maven Cargo is to break free from an industry tailored mostly towards men and provide an exceptional riding experience for all.

Traditionally, women and smaller riders have been left out with many e-bike designs offering a “one size fits most” approach. Integral Electrics recognized the need for e-bikes that better fit female riders and addressed this issue with the Maven Cargo.

The Maven Cargo e-bike stands out with its design that is intended to better accommodate shorter riders, particularly women. The bike is built for sharing, ensuring that taller partners and veteran cyclists can also ride comfortably. Its frame is adjustable to fit riders from 5’0″ to 6’7″ (152 to 200 cm), and features like the dropper seat post and adjustable handlebars allow for quick adjustments to seat height and reach.

Integral Electrics focused on the center of gravity of female riders, placing the cargo just above the rear wheel, under 24 inches from the ground, to align with their knees and below the average center of gravity for women. This design choice aims to provide stability and confidence while riding.

In addition to the bike’s accessible design, the Maven Cargo also boasts impressive specifications. With dual batteries, it offers a range of over 80 miles (130 km). The bike includes a long rear rack for versatile cargo carrying and is equipped with a 750W rear hub motor that can be controlled through pedal assist or a hand throttle. Safety features include a large headlight and tail light, as well as front and rear turn signals. Hydraulic disc brakes ensure confident and quick stops.

The Maven Cargo e-bike is priced at US $1,999 and has launched on Kickstarter, with estimated delivery beginning in February 2024. Integral Electrics has a strong track record for delivering quality products on time, having successfully completed two previous Kickstarter campaigns.

The Maven Cargo is a step towards promoting inclusivity in the cycling industry, offering a solution tailored to the needs of female riders. Electric bikes provide a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, and ensuring that they are accessible to all is an important aspect of encouraging more people to adopt this sustainable form of travel.