Insane Acceleration: Tesla Model S Plaid Goes from 62 MPH to 124 MPH in Under 4 Seconds

The Tesla Model S Plaid has often been hailed for its incredible acceleration from a standstill. In just 1.98 seconds, it can reach 60 mph, making it one of the fastest accelerating production cars in the world. What many people don’t realize is that this electric sedan doesn’t just excel in short bursts of speed, but it also possesses impressive sustained acceleration capabilities.

AutoTopNL recently put this to the test in their latest video. They took a slightly modified Model S Plaid, which had undergone some weight reduction, and clocked its performance from 62 mph to 124 mph. To everyone’s amazement, the Model S Plaid completed this sprint in a mere 3.99 seconds.

To put this into perspective, it’s worth noting that this acceleration time is over 1.5 seconds quicker than the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, a high-performance sports car known for its speed. This showcases the raw power and efficiency of the Model S Plaid’s electric drivetrain.

The Tesla Model S Plaid has proven once again that it is not only a groundbreaking electric sedan but also a force to be reckoned with on the road. Its astounding acceleration capabilities, combined with its elegant design and high-tech features, have solidified its place among the top performers in the automotive industry.

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