The Benefits of Renting an Electric Vehicle for Your Next Road Trip

If you’ve been considering driving an electric vehicle (EV) but are unsure if it’s the right choice for you, renting an EV for a road trip might be the perfect opportunity to test it out. Rental car companies like Hertz are committed to making a significant portion of their fleet electric by 2024, offering a range of EV models from top manufacturers such as General Motors, Polestar, and Tesla.

Laura Smith, an executive vice president at Hertz, reassures first-time EV drivers that they should not feel intimidated by making the switch. Hertz’s online hub provides a wealth of information and videos to help renters familiarize themselves with EVs and their features.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, EVs often excel in terms of performance and features. According to Jonathan Levy, the chief commercial officer of EVgo, which operates a national network of 900 chargers, EVs offer impressive acceleration and a smoother ride compared to internal-combustion cars. They are also known for their quieter operation.

For those looking to rent an EV outside of traditional car rental companies, platforms like Turo and Zevo offer peer-to-peer car-sharing services specifically catering to EVs. Turo has over 22,000 electric cars available for rent. Additionally, Zevo, launched in 2021, exclusively lists EVs for rent.

One common concern for both owners and renters of EVs is range anxiety, the fear of running out of power. To address this, specialized apps like EVgo’s help drivers locate charging stations along their route. Hotels are also becoming popular charging stops for EV travelers, and many offer charging facilities. The executive director of Iconic Luxury Hotels, Andrew Stembridge, notes that hotels not only provide convenient charging options but also serve as a valuable source of information for EV travelers.

As more car manufacturers embrace electric mobility, renting an EV allows travelers to experience the benefits of electric driving without committing to ownership. It’s an excellent way to test the waters and gain confidence in the transition to electric vehicles.

Sources: Travel & Leisure