Tamil Nadu Emerges as Electric Vehicle Hub in India with Over 4 Lakh EV Sales

According to data shared by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Tamil Nadu has become a significant player in the electric vehicle (EV) market in India. Between January and September of this year, out of the total 10 lakh EVs sold nationwide, Tamil Nadu accounted for the sale of four lakh electric automobiles. This achievement represents a significant milestone in the state’s efforts to become an EV hub in the country.

The Indian government has been actively promoting the adoption of electric vehicles and has set ambitious goals for the industry. By 2030, the government aims to manufacture 30% of all EVs sold in the country and make a substantial contribution to global exports. To support this growth, the government expects over INR 50,000 crore investment in EV manufacturing by 2025, which is expected to generate 1.50 lakh jobs.

Several electric vehicle manufacturers have made significant contributions to the EV sales in Tamil Nadu during this period. Ola Electric led the way with 1,75,608 units sold, followed by TVS Motor at 1,12,949 units. Other notable contributors include Ather Energy with 77,764 units sold, Ampere Vehicles with 41,757 units sold, and BYD India with 1,725 units sold.

Tamil Nadu’s success in the EV industry can be attributed to its thriving auto manufacturing ecosystem, availability of a trained workforce, and an excellent supply chain network. The state has designated five cities, including Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli, Madurai, and Salem, as EV hubs to further support the growth of the sector.

In line with its EV ambitions, Tamil Nadu has also rolled out an EV policy aimed at accelerating the development of an ecosystem for battery-operated vehicles. This policy includes provisions to support the manufacturing of components required for EVs, such as cell technologies, batteries, and charging infrastructure.

With its strong performance in EV sales and a supportive government policy, Tamil Nadu is now striving to become the world’s EV capital. The state’s determination and commitment to the EV industry are expected to attract more investments and drive further growth in the coming years.

– EV: Electric Vehicle – a vehicle that is powered by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or another energy storage device.
– Pan India: Throughout the whole of India.

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