New Toyota-Linked Factory to Boost Electric Converter Production in Georgia

Toyota Industries Electric Systems North America, a subsidiary of Japan’s Toyota Industries, has announced plans to construct a third factory in Pendergrass, Georgia, for the production of electrical converters used in hybrid vehicles. With an investment of $69 million, the facility aims to hire over 250 employees and is expected to begin operations in 2025.

The introduction of this new factory highlights the growing demand for hybrid vehicles and the automotive industry’s commitment to sustainability. The electrical converters manufactured at the plant will allow high-voltage battery power to be distributed to various lower-voltage systems in hybrid vehicles, including control units, navigation systems, lights, and windshield wipers.

By choosing Georgia as the location for this expansion, Toyota Industries Electric Systems North America acknowledges the state’s favorable business environment and its positive track record in attracting foreign investments. The decision to build the new factory adjacent to the company’s existing plants in Pendergrass also offers logistical and operational advantages, streamlining production processes and promoting efficient resource allocation.

The establishment of this factory will not only contribute to the growth of Georgia’s economy but also bring employment opportunities and economic stability to the local community. The average salary for workers at the newly built facility is projected to be around $58,000 per year, providing financial security for the employees and boosting consumer spending in the region.

Furthermore, the state government will play a crucial role in supporting this project. They will fund the training of workers, ensuring that they acquire the necessary skills and expertise to excel in their roles. Additionally, Toyota Industries Electric Systems North America may be eligible for state income tax credits amounting to $1.6 million over five years, based on the creation of new jobs.

This investment underscores the commitment of Toyota Industries and its subsidiary to technological innovation and sustainable mobility solutions. As the demand for hybrid vehicles continues to rise, the new factory in Pendergrass is poised to play a significant role in meeting market demands and contributing to a more environmentally friendly automotive industry.


Q: What will be the main product of the new factory?
A: The new factory will produce electrical converters for hybrid vehicles.

Q: When will the factory begin production?
A: The factory is expected to start production in 2025.

Q: How many employees will the new factory hire?
A: The new factory plans to hire over 250 employees.

Q: Why was Georgia chosen as the location for the factory?
A: Georgia was chosen due to its receptiveness to foreign investment and the success of Toyota Industries at its existing plants in Pendergrass.

Q: Will the state provide any support or incentives for this project?
A: The state will fund worker training, and Toyota Industries could potentially qualify for state income tax credits and property tax breaks.