Toyota Unveils the 2024 Proace Max: A Big Leap in the European Van Market

Toyota is set to make waves in the European van market with its latest offering, the 2024 Toyota Proace Max. This full-sized van boasts impressive dimensions that dwarf even the largest vans in its class. Although it may look familiar, this van is a rebadged version of the Fiat Ducato and Peugeot Boxer, known for their reliability and versatility.

One standout feature that Toyota is proud to highlight is the Proace Max’s best-in-class cargo capacity. With a whopping 17m3 of space, it offers the longest body available in its range, making it perfect for transporting goods of all sizes. The overall length measures an impressive 6363mm, with a height of 2760mm and a wheelbase of 4035mm. This makes it the largest vehicle ever to carry the Toyota badge, except for their buses and heavy trucks.

Toyota understands that different businesses have different needs, which is why they are planning to offer various configurations of the Proace Max. From cab-chassis to tipper and dropside beds, this van can be tailored to suit specific requirements. Its electric powertrain, with a range of up to 418km based on the WLTP test cycle, offers a sustainable solution for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

While detailed specifications are yet to be released, Toyota’s collaboration with Peugeot in the development of the E-Boxer provides insights into the Proace Max’s capabilities. The electric motor produces an impressive 200kW of power and 400Nm of torque, providing ample strength for heavy loads.

With the introduction of the Proace Max, Toyota has completed its European van lineup, joining the Proace City and Proace. This strategic move allows Toyota to offer a range of vans that cater to different market segments and customer preferences.


Q: What is the cargo capacity of the 2024 Toyota Proace Max?
A: The Proace Max boasts a best-in-class cargo capacity of 17m3.

Q: How does the Proace Max compare to other vans in its range?
A: The Proace Max offers the longest body available, making it the largest van sold with a Toyota badge.

Q: What type of powertrain does the Proace Max have?
A: The Proace Max features an electric powertrain with a range of up to 418km based on the WLTP test cycle.

Q: What configurations will be available for the Proace Max?
A: Toyota plans to offer various configurations of the Proace Max, including cab-chassis, tipper, and dropside beds.