Terrifying Incident: Truck Nearly Pushes Toyota Fortuner SUV Off Flyover

In India, reckless driving and a lack of lane discipline continue to pose a significant risk on the roads. This was evident in a recent incident where a truck nearly pushed a Toyota Fortuner SUV off a flyover. The incident, captured in a video shared on YouTube, showcases the harrowing experience of the SUV driver, who miraculously survived the accident.

The incident took place on an elevated road near Palwal, Haryana, at around 12:30 am. As the Toyota Fortuner driver ascended the flyover, he found himself behind a truck that was hogging the right lane. In order to overtake the truck, the driver had to pass it from the left side.

However, as the Fortuner driver was about to complete the maneuver, the truck abruptly swerved into the left lane without signaling. The SUV driver had little time to react, and the truck’s trailer collided with the Fortuner’s door. The impact pinned the SUV against the flyover’s wall, dragging it along and nearly causing it to topple over the safety wall.

The truck driver remained oblivious to the dangerous situation until realizing the collision and coming to a halt. It is still unclear whether the driver failed to notice the car behind him or if he had fallen asleep while driving.

The frightened Fortuner driver remained inside the vehicle, uncertain if it would tip over, and promptly called emergency services. The truck driver, on the other hand, fled the scene but later reported the accident to the nearest police station. The SUV owner was eventually able to escape through the driver’s side window, as the doors were jammed.

Despite the severe damage to the car’s bonnet, side panels, tires, and alloys, the owner expressed immense relief that he survived the accident. He commended the Toyota Fortuner’s build quality, as the vehicle protected him without causing any major injuries. Although the car started after the incident, there were signs of leaking oil and other fluids.

The Fortuner owner plans to repair and restore the vehicle at an authorized service center, reflecting his faith in Toyota’s products. An official case has been registered against the truck driver regarding the incident.

Sources: Arun Panwar on YouTube