Tushek Announces Aeon Hypercar, Targeting Gas and Electric Segments

Tushek, the Slovenian performance marque, has made a comeback with the announcement of their latest creation, the Aeon hypercar. Having spent the past two decades crafting impressive road and race cars, Tushek has now set its sights on the hypercar arena.

The Aeon will cater to both the gas and electric segments, offering buyers the choice between a hybrid V-8 powertrain or a fully electric setup. The hybrid version, known as the Aeon H, boasts an impressive 1,930 horsepower and weighs in at only 3,260 pounds. This plug-in hybrid will feature all-wheel drive, with the V-8 engine powering the rear wheels and an electric drive system handling the front pair.

On the other hand, the electric version, called the Aeon E, is expected to deliver a staggering 2,500 horsepower. Despite the weight of its battery, it will only weigh 3,747 pounds, making it comparable to a Ford Mustang. This power output will secure the Aeon E the title of the world’s most powerful production car, currently held by the Lotus Evija with 2,011 horsepower.

Visually, the Aeon features a sleek design with butterfly doors reminiscent of supercars from McLaren or Ferrari. Notable design elements include a T-shaped trio of daytime running lights at the front, as well as side wings or blades situated between the wheel arches.

The Aeon hypercar will be fully unveiled in two weeks, with Tushek providing additional information on its aerodynamics, performance figures, and release date. In addition, Tushek will introduce a new personalization program for the Aeon, allowing owners to customize their car’s interior to create an unparalleled connection.

Production of the Aeon will be limited, continuing Tushek’s tradition of producing exclusive vehicles. In the past, the company has restricted production to less than 100 units.

– Tushek Aeon Hypercar Announcement