TVS Motor to Expand into Europe through Partnership with Emil Frey

Indian two-wheeler manufacturer TVS Motor is set to make its mark in the European market starting in January 2024. Partnering with Emil Frey, a renowned distributor with a rich legacy spanning over a century, TVS Motor aims to sell its models across various countries in Europe. This expansion will begin in France, where the company plans to launch its iQube S electric scooter in the coming months.

TVS Motor has already established its presence in Asia, Africa, and Latin American countries, and now it’s ready to explore new horizons. By leveraging Emil Frey’s extensive distribution network across Europe, TVS Motor will be able to reach a wider customer base and further boost its exports. Recognizing the strong demand for two-wheelers in different countries, the company is strategically prioritizing markets where it can make maximum impact.

The product lineup for the European market includes eight models, with a focus on electric scooters like the iQube S and X. Alongside these eco-friendly options, customers can also choose from other TVS Motor offerings such as the Jupiter 125, NTORQ, Raider, Ronin, Apache RR 310, and Apache RTR 310. With this diverse range of two-wheelers, TVS Motor aims to cater to the varying demands and preferences of European customers.

Sudarshan Venu, the Managing Director of TVS Motor, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Emil Frey, emphasizing their shared values of responsible and sustainable mobility. This collaboration brings together two esteemed organizations that have a deep understanding of the market and aim to provide exceptional customer service.

The upcoming foray into Europe comes on the heels of TVS Motor’s exceptional performance in the Indian market. In October, the company achieved its highest-ever monthly sales, reaching 4.34 lakh units and experiencing a 21% growth compared to the previous year. The iQube electric scooter, one of TVS Motor’s best-selling models, continues to dominate the EV segment with 20,153 units sold just last month.

As TVS Motor gears up to expand its presence in Europe, customers and two-wheeler enthusiasts can expect high-quality and cutting-edge products that cater to their needs and preferences. With the support of Emil Frey’s expertise and extensive distribution network, this partnership is poised for success and promises to bring TVS Motor’s innovative models closer to European customers.


1. When will TVS Motor launch its models in Europe?

TVS Motor is set to step foot in the European market from January 2024, starting with the launch of its iQube S electric scooter in France.

2. What models will TVS Motor offer in Europe?

TVS Motor plans to sell eight models in the European market, including the iQube S and X electric scooters, as well as the Jupiter 125, NTORQ, Raider, Ronin, Apache RR 310, and Apache RTR 310.

3. How will TVS Motor benefit from the partnership with Emil Frey?

By partnering with Emil Frey, TVS Motor will leverage their extensive distribution network across Europe, enabling the company to reach a wider customer base and boost its exports.

4. What has been TVS Motor’s performance in India?

TVS Motor achieved its highest-ever monthly sales in India, with 4.34 lakh units sold in October. The company experienced a 21% growth compared to the previous year, with the iQube electric scooter being one of its best-selling models.

5. What are TVS Motor’s goals for the European market?

TVS Motor aims to establish a strong presence in the European market by offering cutting-edge, high-quality products that resonate with European customers’ preferences and demands. Through the partnership with Emil Frey, the company aims to provide exceptional customer service and ensure a successful partnership.