Norton Motorcycles Unveils Limited Edition Bikes to Commemorate 125th Anniversary

Norton Motorcycles, a renowned British bike manufacturer, is celebrating its 125th year of production by introducing an exclusive range of limited edition motorcycles. In honor of its legacy, the company has drawn inspiration from its iconic models throughout history to create these special offerings.

The limited edition range includes the Norton Commando 961 SP, Commando 961 CR, V4SV, and V4CR, with each model produced in a limited run of just 125 units. These bikes pay homage to the classic designs that have made Norton Motorcycles so legendary.

One standout model is the Norton Commando 961 LE Energette Edition, which takes inspiration from the historic Norton Energette introduced in 1902. This limited edition bike features a striking deep yellow paint job, a brown leather saddle, and alloy yokes. It also showcases a natural alloy finish on the engine, a silver headlight, polished alloy handlebars, and top-of-the-line Ohlins suspension. The 125th-anniversary crest and Limited Edition logo adorn the color-matching seat cowl.

Another remarkable addition to the limited edition range is the Norton Command 961 LE Manx. This model draws inspiration from the iconic Norton Manx developed in 1937. It boasts a silver fuel tank with black bodywork and frame, along with a black engine, footrests, yokes, and suspension components. The carbon fiber chainguard and flyscreen add a touch of modernity to its classic design.

For fans of racing heritage, the Norton Commando 961 LE Transatlantic is sure to impress. This limited edition bike takes its name from the Transatlantic Trophy and features the vibrant red, white, and blue racing livery reminiscent of the Formula 750 race bike it is based on. Its powerful presence is complemented by blacked-out engine parts, footrests, and yokes, as well as a color-matching seat cowl adorned with the 125-year anniversary crest.

The Norton “588” edition pays homage to the dominant 588cc rotary-powered racing motorcycles of the late 1980s and early 1990s. This limited edition offering, based on the iconic Norton F1 with a 588cc engine, features a black engine, footrests, yokes, and suspension. With its carbon fiber chainguard, flyscreen, and distinctive gold wheels, this model truly stands out.

All the limited edition Norton Motorcycles are priced from £18,999 to £51,999 in the UK and will primarily be available in the UK and Europe. While the company has not announced plans to introduce these special bikes in other markets, enthusiasts can still admire and appreciate the craftsmanship and heritage of the Norton brand.


Q: How many units of each limited edition bike will be produced?
A: Each limited edition bike will have a production run of just 125 units.

Q: What is the price range for the limited edition Norton Motorcycles in the UK?
A: The limited edition bikes are priced from £18,999 to £51,999 in the UK.

Q: Will the limited edition bikes be available in markets outside the UK and Europe?
A: The company has not announced plans to introduce these bikes in other markets, including India.