Evie Carshare Revolutionizes Transportation in the Twin Cities

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey are celebrating the success of Evie Carshare, an innovative transportation solution that has transformed the way residents travel in the Twin Cities. Since its launch in February 2022, Evie Carshare has become a popular choice among locals, with over 150,000 trips made using the all-electric fleet of shared vehicles.

One of the highlights of Evie Carshare’s success is its commitment to serving low-income communities and communities of color. A remarkable 42% of total users come from low-income neighborhoods, while 37% belong to communities of color, ensuring greater accessibility and inclusivity in transportation options.

With 170 electric vehicles operating across a 35-square-mile home area, Evie Carshare has made it convenient for residents to pick up and drop off vehicles within the city limits. Moreover, Minneapolis has also embraced the service, further expanding its reach and impact.

Although Evie Carshare has proven to be a game-changer in the Twin Cities, Minnesota’s overall adoption of electric vehicles has been slower compared to other states. However, Mayor Frey is determined to change that narrative. He has allocated $730,000 in the 2024 proposed budget to expand the network of EV charging stations, while leveraging an additional $2-3 million in federal funds to support electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions.

The success of Evie Carshare not only demonstrates the rising popularity of electric vehicles but also highlights the importance of sustainable transportation. By embracing electric vehicles, the Twin Cities are leading the way towards a greener and smarter future. Evie Carshare’s innovative approach to shared mobility is encouraging residents to reduce emissions and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.


Q: What is Evie Carshare?
A: Evie Carshare is an all-electric fleet of shared vehicles operating in the Twin Cities, owned by the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Q: How many trips have been made using Evie Carshare?
A: Since its launch in February 2022, residents have made over 150,000 trips using Evie Carshare.

Q: What percentage of users come from low-income communities and communities of color?
A: 42% of total users come from low-income communities, while 37% come from communities of color.

Q: How many electric vehicles are part of the Evie Carshare fleet?
A: The fleet consists of 170 electric vehicles.

Q: What are the barriers to EV adoption in Minnesota?
A: The main barriers include higher upfront costs, range anxiety, and a limited charging network.

– The Center Square (URL: thecentersquare.com)