Car Crashes Through Coles Supermarket in Ballina, NSW

Firefighters were called to a Coles supermarket in the NSW Northern Rivers region after a car smashed through the store’s front doors. The incident occurred on Fox Street in Ballina and photos from the scene show the car just centimeters away from a shopping aisle.

The store was busy with shoppers at the time of the accident, and both customers and Coles staff were seen around the vehicle. Fire and Rescue NSW arrived at the scene to perform a rescue and assess the property.

Four people were evaluated for injuries, and two of them were taken to hospitals in Lismore and Ballina. The extent of their injuries is currently unknown. Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

Car accidents can have devastating outcomes, leading to injuries or even fatalities. It is important for drivers to exercise caution and follow traffic regulations to prevent such incidents from occurring. In situations like this, emergency services play a vital role in ensuring the safety of those involved and minimizing damage to property.

– Fire and Rescue NSW
– 9News

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