Car Gets Stuck on Flooded Road in Odisha as Water Level Suddenly Rises

In the wake of unprecedented rainfall across India, many metro cities are grappling with waterlogged roads and poor drainage systems. These conditions have led to numerous incidents where individuals traveling in cars have become stranded on flooded roads. Recently, a video of a car getting stuck on a flooded road in Odisha has been circulating online.

The incident involved two individuals, Rashmi Ranjan Swain and Prashant Mohanty, who were driving their car along their usual route when they encountered the rising water level in the Mahanadi River. As the water current became stronger, their car was pushed away from the road and eventually got stuck in a tree. With the car slowly submerging, the two individuals had to act quickly to save themselves.

They managed to get out of the car and sought shelter on the tree, with one person sitting on the car’s roof. Fortunately, a passerby on a nearby bridge noticed their predicament and immediately contacted emergency services. Firefighters arrived at the scene and initiated a rescue operation. One of the individuals who had climbed the tree found shelter on a nearby roof, while the other remained on the car’s roof.

After a couple of hours, the rescue team successfully navigated through the treacherous waters and reached the stranded individuals. The exact reason for the sudden rise in the water level of the Mahanadi River remains unknown. However, this incident serves as a reminder for everyone to exercise extreme caution when driving through areas prone to flooding.

It is important for drivers to be vigilant and turn back if they notice water levels rising. In this case, the individuals may have continued driving on their regular route without anticipating such an event. The car suffered significant damage due to the floodwaters, and it is unclear if it has been recovered from the spot.

This incident highlights the importance of being prepared for unexpected weather conditions and taking appropriate measures to ensure personal safety. As the monsoon season continues, it is crucial for everyone to stay informed, follow safety guidelines, and avoid unnecessary risks while traveling.

– Drainage: The system of removing excess water from an area, typically through pipes or channels.
– Waterlogged: Filled or saturated with water, making movement or operation difficult.
– Passerby: A person who is passing by a particular place, at a time when something is happening.
– Vigilant: Watchful and alert, especially to avoid danger or risk.

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