The United Auto Workers Union Criticizes Donald Trump Ahead of Detroit Visit

The head of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, Shawn Fain, has publicly denounced former President Donald Trump ahead of his visit to Detroit. Fain expressed concern that Trump, a billionaire, does not understand the struggles of working-class Americans. He stated that the union is focused on fighting against economic policies that benefit the wealthy at the expense of workers.

Trump may see an opportunity to gain support from working-class Americans during his Detroit visit, particularly given the disappointment many have expressed with the state of the US economy. However, union members, who have traditionally been reliable Democratic voters, have been gradually leaning towards Republican candidates, according to CNN polls and the AFL-CIO.

Despite this trend, Trump’s union rally is not guaranteed to be a success. He has criticized Fain and urged union members to reject their leadership. Trump has also opposed the Biden administration’s push toward electric vehicles (EVs), which the union sees as a threat to their jobs. Fain has called for a “just transition” to EVs, expressing concern that the shift could lead to job losses due to reduced labor requirements.

Fain’s criticism is not limited to Trump. He has also been critical of President Biden, though he has both praised and criticized the president for his actions regarding autoworkers’ causes. The UAW traditionally supports Democratic presidential candidates, but Fain has not yet endorsed Biden, adding pressure on the president as he faces low approval ratings.

Some Democratic politicians, such as California Rep. Ro Khanna, have urged Biden and others in the party to support the striking autoworkers by joining them on the picket lines. Khanna believes that this would demonstrate that the Democratic Party is the party of the working class.

Overall, Fain’s denouncement of Trump and his cautious approach to endorsing Biden highlights the division within the union and the challenges facing both former and current presidents in garnering support from the UAW.

– CNN article by David Goldman