Uber Green: A Step Towards a Greener Future

Uber is taking steps towards sustainability by introducing Uber Green, a feature that allows users to choose a hybrid or fully electric vehicle for their rides. This initiative aligns with Australia’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050. Uber’s commitment to achieving this goal a decade earlier demonstrates its dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. This environmentally friendly option is available in major Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, among others.

Uber aims to make green choices convenient and cost-effective for riders. The option to select a greener vehicle is offered at the same cost and with similar wait times as standard UberX rides. Anna Brito, Uber’s Sustainability Lead for Mobility ANZ, emphasizes that making eco-friendly choices should not come at the expense of convenience or affordability.

To encourage the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by the public, Uber is working behind the scenes to shift public perception of these vehicles. The company plans to collaborate with governments, vehicle manufacturers, and industry stakeholders to accelerate EV adoption in Australia. Last year, Uber pledged $30 million towards this goal and provided incentives, such as reducing service fees for drivers using battery-operated EVs. This initiative has been extended until mid-2025 due to its success.

In addition to its efforts, Uber has partnered with BP Pulse, an arm of BP focused on EVs. This partnership includes incentives for Australian drivers, such as charging discounts at BP Pulse charge points. Uber and BP Pulse also aim to increase the number of charging points at BP outlets worldwide by almost five times.

Uber’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its ride-share services. The company has added Uber Eats to its efforts to combat climate change. It has made a global commitment to encourage food delivery riders to use e-bikes, EVs, and other sustainable vehicles. Uber is also working towards reducing single-use plastic waste by advocating for sustainable and recyclable packaging in the food delivery ecosystem.

Overall, Uber is actively pursuing a greener future through various partnerships, initiatives, and commitments. The company is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and believes that reaching zero tailpipe emissions requires collective efforts and partnerships. With Uber Green and its commitment to sustainability, the company aims to make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable transport future.

– Cameron Bayley, “Uber giving riders chance to choose electric vehicles, join push to cut carbon emissions”, The Sydney Morning Herald, September 18, 2023.