Uber, Tesla, and Meta Platforms Chart New Bases Amid Market Pressure

Uber Technologies, known for its ride-sharing business, is making waves in the stock market alongside Tesla and Meta Platforms. All three companies are currently crafting new chart bases while facing selling pressure in the market indexes.

Uber stock is in the spotlight as the “Stock Of The Day” on Sept. 7. It is currently working on forming a handle in a third-stage chart pattern, with a conventional buy point at 49.49. There is also a more aggressive entry point at 47.70.

Meanwhile, Tesla stock appears to be forming a handle as well. After a bullish call by Morgan Stanley, the electric vehicle powerhouse rejoined the IBD Leaderboard. Its 21-day exponential moving average is on the verge of retaking its longer-term 50-day line, signaling improving technical strength.

Meta stock, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, continues to consolidate and test support at its 50-day moving average. It is showing a potential buy point of 326.20 in a second-stage consolidation. However, it may also form a handle, offering an earlier entry point.

It is important to exercise caution in making new buys for these stocks, considering the current market environment.

Beyond ride-sharing, Uber has expanded its business with ventures such as Uber Eats and Uber Freight. The company is also exploring the possibility of spinning off or selling its freight logistics business.

While Uber has faced profitability challenges since its 2019 IPO, it has shown signs of improvement. In Q2, Uber posted an adjusted profit of 18 cents a share, exceeding expectations for a loss of 1 cent. Although revenue fell short of Wall Street forecasts, it still rose 14% to $9.23 billion. Gross bookings increased 16% to $36.6 billion. Analysts predict Uber could earn $1 a share this year.

In terms of institutional demand, Uber has shown positive signs with a B Accumulation/Distribution Rating and four consecutive quarters of rising fund ownership. Notably, 25 funds with an A+ rating from IBD own shares in Uber stock.

Uber Technologies also aims to drive innovation through its Uber AI systems. These AI models power applications across various verticals, including transportation, customer support, and healthcare. Uber AI is actively engaged in research, publication, and collaboration within the AI community.

In conclusion, Uber, Tesla, and Meta Platforms are charting new bases while navigating the challenges of the market. Uber is making strides towards profitability and expanding its business ventures, while also focusing on leveraging AI to enhance its services and drive innovation.

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