US Secretary of Energy’s Staff ‘Ices’ EV Charging Bay During Electric Vehicle Road Trip

The US Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, has admitted that one of her staffers deliberately took up an electric vehicle (EV) charging bay with a gasoline-powered vehicle in order to reserve the spot during an electric vehicle road trip in June. Granholm made this admission during a hearing before the House Science Committee. The incident took place outside a Walmart in Grovetown, Georgia, and was met with outrage from the public, prompting a call to the police. Granholm acknowledged that it was poor judgment on the part of her team and assured that it would not happen again.

The incident highlights the challenges with non-Tesla charging infrastructure, which has been a problem in the US as well as in other countries like Australia. Reports of multiple charging stations being out of service or not working properly have plagued such infrastructure. In response, the Biden administration has pledged $100 million to address these issues and ensure that publicly funded EV stations are fixed. Similar challenges exist in Australia, where government-funded EV fast-charging stations lack reliability standards, leading to dissatisfaction among users.

The incident involving Granholm’s staff has fueled the ongoing debate about the readiness of EV technology for mass deployment. Critics argue that the current problems with EV charging infrastructure make it impossible to facilitate a rapid transition to electric vehicles. However, the Biden administration remains committed to promoting green energy and electric vehicles as part of its climate agenda.

It is worth noting that the term “Ice-ing” refers to the act of a petrol or diesel vehicle parking in an EV charging bay, blocking access to EV users. In some Australian states, this action is subject to fines of several thousand dollars.

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