Volkswagen Aims for Affordable Electric Cars Amid Rising Demand

Volkswagen is determined to make electric cars more accessible to consumers by reducing their price tags, according to Chief Executive Oliver Blume. While no decision has been made yet on producing a 20,000-euro ($21,714.00) electric car, Blume believes the company can achieve this goal by the second half of the decade.

One of the main factors contributing to the high cost of electric cars is the expense of batteries. Blume emphasized that Volkswagen’s plans to develop a unified battery cell will help reduce battery costs by 50%. By streamlining production and implementing advancements in battery technology, the company aims to make electric vehicles more affordable for the mass market.

In March, Volkswagen unveiled its plans for an all-electric car priced at 25,000 euros, expected to hit the market by 2025. This vehicle will offer a range of 450 kilometers and be capable of charging from 10% to 80% in just 20 minutes. While the company had previously mentioned a 20,000-euro electric car, no further details were provided at this time.

Blume emphasized that Volkswagen understands the importance of offering the right products at the right price to meet consumer demands. With the early adopters of electric cars already on board, the company now aims to convince a broader audience of the technology’s benefits. This includes individuals who may not have the ability to install a charging station at home.

Despite the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, there are several challenges that still hinder their widespread adoption. Blume mentioned inflation, lack of charging infrastructure, and the removal of subsidies as factors affecting electric car demand. As Volkswagen works towards creating affordable electric vehicles, they are also advocating for supportive policies and infrastructure development to encourage their use.


Q: Is Volkswagen planning to produce a 20,000-euro electric car?
A: While no official decision has been made yet, Volkswagen’s CEO is confident that they can achieve this goal by the second half of the decade.

Q: What is the main factor contributing to high electric car prices?
A: The cost of batteries is a significant factor. Volkswagen aims to reduce battery costs by developing a unified battery cell.

Q: When will Volkswagen launch its 25,000-euro electric car?
A: Volkswagen plans to launch the 25,000-euro electric car, with a 450-km range and fast charging capability, by 2025.

Q: What challenges currently hinder the widespread adoption of electric cars?
A: Challenges include inflation, lack of charging infrastructure, and the removal of subsidies. These factors affect the demand for electric vehicles.