Is Volkswagen Set to Launch an Affordable Electric Vehicle?

During a recent conference, Volkswagen’s CEO, Oliver Blume, revealed that the automaker is considering the possibility of introducing an electric car priced at around $22,000 (20,000 euros) in the latter part of this decade. Blume identified the reduction in battery costs as the primary factor that would lead to lower prices for electric vehicles. He highlighted Volkswagen’s advancements in unified battery cells that are expected to cut battery costs in half. These new cells, unveiled during Volkswagen’s Power Day in 2021, are projected to be used in up to 80% of all VW Group EV models and will be manufactured at the Salzgitter factory starting in 2025.

Volkswagen recently showcased the ID 2all concept, its cheapest EV yet. Set to launch in 2025, the ID 2all will be based on the MEB Entry platform and will offer a range of up to 450 km (279 mi) with a starting price under 25,000 euros ($27,000). Additionally, Volkswagen is working on an even more affordable electric car, tentatively named the ID 1. This model is expected to be similar in size to the gas-powered Polo and may share some components with the ID 2all.

Volkswagen aims to meet the growing demand for affordable electric cars and attract consumers who don’t have convenient access to charging stations. The company plans to equip the ID 2all with fast-charging capabilities, allowing for a 10%-80% charge in just 20 minutes. However, specific details about the model have yet to be provided by Volkswagen.

Volkswagen is not the only automaker entering the market for affordable electric vehicles. Citroen, owned by Stellantis, recently unveiled its C3 electric city car with a starting price of around $24,500 (23,300 euros). Renault’s subsidiary, Amphere, also plans to release an upcoming EV called the Legend, with prices below 20,000 euros.

While Volkswagen faces some challenges in the EV market, including a temporary halt in production due to a lack of electric motors and declining EV orders, it remains committed to delivering affordable electric cars to meet the increasing demand for sustainable transportation options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When will Volkswagen introduce an electric car priced at $22,000?

Volkswagen’s CEO, Oliver Blume, mentioned that an electric car priced around $22,000 could be launched in the latter part of this decade.

2. What is the expected range of Volkswagen’s ID 2all concept?

The ID 2all concept is expected to offer a range of up to 450 km (279 mi).

3. Will Volkswagen’s ID 2all have fast charging capabilities?

Yes, the ID 2all is planned to have fast charging capabilities, allowing for a 10%-80% charge in just 20 minutes.

4. What is the tentative name for Volkswagen’s upcoming affordable electric car?

Volkswagen’s upcoming affordable electric car is tentatively named the ID 1 and is expected to be similar in size to the gas-powered Polo.

5. What other automakers are releasing affordable electric cars?

Citroen has unveiled its C3 electric city car, starting at around $24,500 (23,300 euros), while Renault’s subsidiary, Amphere, is teasing the release of the Legend with prices under 20,000 euros.