The Volkswagen Golf Base Model to be Discontinued, Replaced by Better-Equipped Model

The base model of the Volkswagen Golf will be removed from the line-up by the end of this year, according to Volkswagen Australia. The base Golf 110TSI will be deleted from the Model Year 2024 (MY24) line-up due to low demand. In its place, the Golf range will now open with the better-equipped Life model.

The price of the base Golf model has significantly increased over the past five years. The current base model Golf, the 110TSI Trendline manual, is nearly $14,000 more expensive than the cheapest model five years ago. This represents a price jump of 40 percent when comparing automatic to automatic versions.

Despite the higher price, the latest Golf model offers more features, improved safety, and advanced technology compared to the previous generation. The Golf Life model, which will now serve as the entry-level option, comes with added features such as larger wheels, a larger touchscreen, improved sound system, satellite navigation, ambient interior lighting, keyless entry and start, and more.

Volkswagen Australia has stated that the base Golf 110TSI accounted for less than five percent of sales. The majority of customers opt for the Life, R-Line, GTI, or R model grades. As a result, the decision was made to discontinue the base model in favor of starting each model line with the well-equipped Life grade or higher.

The discontinuation of the base Golf model is part of broader changes in specifications for the Model Year 2024 across the Volkswagen passenger vehicle line-up. Prices for the 2024 Golf Life model are yet to be confirmed.

Source: Alex Misoyannis.