New Startup Voltfang Repurposes Old EV Batteries for Energy Storage

German startup Voltfang has found an innovative solution for recycling old electric vehicle (EV) batteries: repurposing them for energy storage. Founded in 2021 by college friends David Oudsandji, Roman Alberti, and Afshin Doostdar, Voltfang refurbishes high-performance EV batteries that can no longer be used in vehicles due to diminished capacity. Instead of discarding these batteries, Voltfang requalifies them into power storage systems for commercial and industrial use.

The company’s CEO, David Oudsandji, explains that their storage systems help make renewable energy solutions more cost-efficient and enable commercial and industrial small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to achieve sustainable production and power supply. By repurposing EV batteries, Voltfang reduces the need to import critical materials from outside the EU and minimizes delivery time.

Voltfang utilizes deep learning algorithms to accurately forecast the lifetime of each battery module, ensuring their safety and reliability for up to 10 years of use. Their technology also allows for real-time monitoring of energy flow, giving clients a comprehensive overview of their energy usage and minimizing complex installation procedures.

Voltfang’s success is evident in its recent €5.2 million seed round funding, which was raised this summer. The startup’s proximity to RWTH Aachen University, where the founders studied engineering, has allowed them to tap into a wealth of engineering and business talent to fuel their expansion. Since the beginning of the year, Voltfang has deployed over 800 kWh of energy storage systems.

With the rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry, the question of what to do with old EV batteries has become a pressing concern. Voltfang’s innovative approach showcases the potential for repurposing these batteries, making the EV industry more sustainable from production to the end of the battery’s life cycle.

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