Major EVs Recalled Over Fire Risk Due to Battery Fault

Two popular electric vehicles (EVs) have been recalled by Porsche and Audi due to a serious battery fault that poses a fire risk. The manufacturers have urged drivers to take their vehicles to authorized dealers for inspection to prevent potential accidents.

The affected models include variants of the Porsche Taycan and Audi E-Tron. Both companies, which are owned by Volkswagen Group, have identified a sealant-related issue on the batteries that can allow water to enter over time. According to the manufacturers, if a significant amount of fluid enters the battery, it could lead to a fire.

Most EV batteries currently use large amounts of lithium, a highly reactive element, which can result in explosions or fires when it comes into contact with water. EV fires are notoriously destructive and cannot be extinguished with water due to the reactive nature of the elements involved.

To address the issue, Porsche and Audi have initiated a recall effective from October 31. Customers are advised to take their vehicles to authorized dealers for testing. If a leak is found, the battery pack will be replaced with a new one sealed with a different material. It is illegal for dealers to sell any vehicle under an open recall.

Porsche stated that the safety of their customers and the quality of their vehicles are their top priorities. They have not yet received any reports of fires related to this issue. Audi has been contacted for comment but has not yet responded.

In recent incidents, faulty batteries in EVs have resulted in car fires, causing significant damage. A blaze at Sydney Airport’s car park reportedly started due to a faulty battery, damaging five cars. Additionally, a suspected EV fire on a cargo ship destroyed around 2,700 cars, resulting in millions of dollars in damage.

It is important for EV owners to heed the recall and have their vehicles inspected by authorized dealers to mitigate the fire risk associated with the battery issue.

– Porsche
– Audi