Residents in Kamsack Drive Out QAnon Convoy Promoting Dangerous Views

Residents in the town of Kamsack, Saskatchewan, rallied together to drive out a convoy associated with a fringe QAnon group. The convoy, consisting of eight vehicles, arrived on the town’s main street early Wednesday morning. The motorhome at the front of the procession carried a woman claiming to be the self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada” and leader of First Nations.

The QAnon group is known for promoting fringe views and has expressed opposition to healthcare workers who promoted vaccination campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group’s online presence has included threats against healthcare workers and firefighters, which led to a lockdown of the local hospital and clinic.

Approximately 200 residents and members of nearby First Nations confronted the group and successfully escorted them out of town. The encounter remained peaceful, with no violence reported. The unity and solidarity displayed by the community and neighboring First Nations was described as “amazing” by Sherise Fountain, the acting administrator of Kamsack.

Fountain likened the events to a song by country music artist Jason Aldean, stating that the community came together to take care of their own, just as the lyrics suggest. The convoy has since been spotted near Regina, just outside another small town.

This incident highlights the importance of community unity and collective action in addressing and peacefully rejecting fringe groups that promote dangerous ideas. It also underscores the need for continued vigilance in countering disinformation and conspiracy theories that threaten public health and social harmony.

– CTV News