New Motorcycles Unveiled, Exciting Features Introduced: A Weekly Roundup

The past week witnessed some exciting developments in the world of two-wheelers. From new motorcycles to innovative features, here are the highlights:

Honda CB350 Redefines Affordability and Style

Honda took the spotlight by launching the new CB350, becoming the most affordable motorcycle in its CB350 series. Sporting a retro design aesthetic and equipped with a peashooter exhaust, the CB350 is now a direct competitor to the renowned Royal Enfield Bullet 350. With comparable features and a budget-friendly price tag, riders have another stylish option to consider.

Bajaj CNG Bike: A Sustainable Milestone

Spy shots revealed a forthcoming motorcycle from Bajaj, showcasing a distinct fat body panel and a tank design lacking contours. These details strongly suggest that this could be the much-anticipated CNG bike that Bajaj has been diligently developing. As an environmentally conscious alternative, the CNG bike promises to combine performance and sustainability, potentially reshaping the Indian motorcycle market.

Ather Revolutionizes Family Scooters

Ather, known for its electric scooters, surprised enthusiasts by testing its upcoming family scooter. The spied model exhibits a boxy design, resembling the popular TVS iQube. Notable features include foldable pillion footrests and an enlarged seat, offering increased comfort. Ather’s commitment to innovation and expanding their scooter lineup provides potential customers with more options in the electric mobility space.

Royal Enfield Enhances Riding Experience with ‘Wingman’

Royal Enfield introduced a standout feature for its app called ‘Wingman.’ Currently available exclusively for the Super Meteor 650 model, Wingman offers live tracking, trip summaries, vehicle alerts, and a wealth of other useful information related to your bike and trips. This addition exemplifies Royal Enfield’s dedication to enhancing rider convenience and connectivity.

Honourable Mention: Yamaha FZ-S Fi V4 Review

In our recent test, we had the opportunity to review the Yamaha FZ-S Fi V4. With noteworthy performance and impressive features, the motorcycle delivers an exhilarating riding experience. Check out our in-depth analysis to learn more about this remarkable two-wheeler.

If you’re an avid follower of the automobile community, stay tuned for more exciting updates. Whether it’s new releases, cutting-edge features, or insightful reviews, we’ve got you covered.


Q: What is the most affordable motorcycle in Honda’s CB350 series?
A: The new CB350 is now the most affordable motorcycle in Honda’s CB350 series.

Q: What innovative feature did Royal Enfield launch for its app?
A: Royal Enfield launched the ‘Wingman’ feature for its app, providing live tracking, trip summaries, and vehicle alerts, among other features.

Q: Which electric scooter manufacturer was spotted testing its upcoming family scooter?
A: Ather, renowned for its electric scooters, was spotted testing its upcoming family scooter.

Q: Which motorcycle did you recently review?
A: We recently reviewed the Yamaha FZ-S Fi V4.

– Peashooter exhaust: A type of exhaust pipe characterized by its slim and compact design, reminiscent of the size of a peashooter.
– Fat body panels: Refers to motorcycle body panels that have a robust and bulky appearance, typically used to enhance the bike’s aesthetics and provide a muscular stance.
– CNG bike: A motorcycle that utilizes Compressed Natural Gas as an alternative fuel source, known for its cleaner emissions compared to conventional petrol bikes.
– Box design: Refers to a square or rectangular-shaped design, often associated with a more practical and spacious layout.
– Pillion footrests: Refers to footrests or footpegs designed for the pillion rider, providing a comfortable and secure seating position.
– Electric mobility: The use of electric-powered vehicles, such as electric scooters, as an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.