Fairphone 5: A Phone Built to Last, but Limited by Availability

The Fairphone 5, while not suitable for everyone, is attracting those who prioritize sustainability and longevity in their smartphone choices. In a recent poll, about one fifth of voters expressed their willingness to use the Fairphone 5 for the next eight years. This device not only demonstrates a commitment to environmental friendliness but also offers easy repairability at home.

Unlike many smartphones that are designed to be replaced within a few years, the Fairphone 5 is constructed with longevity in mind. The company’s five-year warranty is a testament to their confidence in the product’s durability. Moreover, Fairphone has a proven track record, having provided software updates for their Fairphone 2 for an impressive seven years. It is expected that the Fairphone 3 and 3+, released in 2019 and 2020 respectively, will continue receiving support until 2026.

Nevertheless, some concerns have been raised by skeptics. Questions regarding the longevity of the OLED display, given the eight-year timeframe, have been voiced. Additionally, doubts have been expressed about the chipset’s ability to handle future software and games in 2031. Some argue that Fairphone could have incorporated more RAM and storage considering its higher price point.

Speaking of price, at €700/£650, the Fairphone 5 is deemed too expensive by approximately a fifth of surveyed individuals. However, if the company can identify cost-saving measures during production and provide discounts, it could potentially expand its market.

Nevertheless, Fairphone faces a major obstacle in terms of availability. As an EU-based company, its operations are primarily focused within the European market. This limits the accessibility of the phone for those outside of Europe. Perhaps another company will address this challenge in the future, but for now, individuals outside of Europe are unable to purchase the Fairphone 5.

For those fortunate enough to acquire this device, it has the potential to serve a variety of purposes for years to come. Even when no longer used as a daily driver, older phones can still have practical applications. Furthermore, unlike most older phones, the Fairphone 5 will continue to receive security updates well into the early 2030s, ensuring its reliability and protection.

– OLED: Organic Light Emitting Diode, a type of display technology known for its deep blacks and vibrant colors.
– RAM: Random Access Memory, a form of computer memory that stores data that is being used actively by the system.
– EU: European Union.

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