Susannah Guthrie: A Versatile Journalist with a Wealth of Experience

Susannah Guthrie is an accomplished journalist with a career spanning over a decade. With her extensive background in the media industry, she has held various prestigious positions, including digital director of Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Additionally, she has served as a senior editor at The New Daily and as a motoring columnist for CarSales.

Guthrie’s passion for journalism and her dedication to her craft began during her studies at the University of Melbourne, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications. As an aspiring journalist, she gained valuable experience as an intern for Time Inc in the vibrant city of New York.

In her pursuit of professional development, Guthrie explored other avenues of media, completing a television presenting course with the esteemed National Institute of Dramatic Art. This training has undoubtedly enhanced her skills as a presenter and contributed to her versatility as a journalist.

Beyond her impressive professional achievements, Guthrie leads a fulfilling personal life in Melbourne, where she resides with her husband and son. Her commitment to balancing both her career and family responsibilities showcases her determination and ability to excel in multiple facets of life.

In conclusion, Susannah Guthrie is a seasoned journalist who has made her mark in the media industry. Her diverse experiences, from being a digital director to a motoring columnist, demonstrate her adaptability in various fields of journalism. With her solid educational foundation and continuous pursuit of personal and professional growth, Guthrie’s contributions to the industry are undoubtedly significant.

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