China’s NIO Set to Unveil First Phone Designed for Cars

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO has announced plans to unveil the world’s first smartphone designed specifically for car owners. The company’s CEO, William Li, revealed that the phone will feature flagship specifications and will be priced competitively. While details regarding the phone’s specific functions are yet to be announced, it is expected to include features such as locking/unlocking the car and controlling the air conditioning system, similar to existing Tesla and Apple functionalities.

Li emphasized that the primary purpose of the phone is to enhance the ownership experience of NIO vehicle owners. However, he also mentioned that it will be a high-quality flagship device that can be used by non-NIO owners as well. NIO currently partners with popular smartphone brands such as OnePlus, Oppo, and Vivo to provide connectivity and car key functionalities through their devices.

The announcement of NIO’s car-centric phone comes amidst speculation surrounding the potential launch of a smartphone by electric vehicle giant Tesla. However, experts believe that such a product is unlikely to materialize in the near future. NIO, on the other hand, seems poised to be the first to offer a phone that is purposefully designed for automotive use.

More details about the NIO phone are expected to be unveiled at the company’s Innovation Day event on September 21. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to increase, this innovation further demonstrates the fusion between the smartphone and automotive industries.


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– Vaporware: A term used to describe a product that is announced or teased but never actually released to the public.

– Flagship: A high-end device or model that represents the best features and capabilities of a certain brand or company.

– Connectivity: The ability of devices to connect and communicate with each other.