Mercedes Benz India’s CEO Outlines Growth Strategy for EV Market

Mercedes Benz India’s Managing Director and CEO, Santosh Iyer, has unveiled the company’s plans for growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market. The announcement was made during the launch event of the company’s latest EV offering, the EQE SUV.

The launch of the EQE SUV highlights Mercedes Benz’s commitment to an aggressive roadmap for battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) in the Indian market. With an introductory price of Rs 1.39 crores, the vehicle comes with a 10-year battery warranty, offering added value to customers. Additionally, the service interval has been extended to once every two years, providing greater convenience and cost savings.

Mercedes Benz India’s growth strategy in the EV market includes a strong focus on expanding the charging infrastructure across the country. The company aims to establish charging stations at various locations, making it easier for customers to charge their EVs and reduce range anxiety.

Furthermore, Santosh Iyer emphasized the importance of creating awareness and educating customers about the benefits of EVs. Mercedes Benz plans to collaborate with various stakeholders to promote the adoption of electric mobility in India. This includes working closely with government agencies and industry partners to drive policy initiatives and incentives for EV adoption.

The launch of the EQE SUV marks an important milestone for Mercedes Benz in India’s EV market. With a comprehensive growth strategy in place, the company aims to lead the transition to sustainable mobility and contribute to India’s vision of a greener future.

– EV: Electric vehicle, a vehicle powered by an electric motor or motors instead of an internal combustion engine.
– BEV: Battery-electric vehicle, an electric vehicle that is solely powered by an onboard battery pack.

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