ZEEKR Partners with Plugsurfing to Enhance Public EV Charging Service

ZEEKR, the electric mobility technology brand of Geely Holding Group, has teamed up with Plugsurfing to offer a specialized public EV charging service to its European customers. ZEEKR recently announced its entry into the European market and will be delivering its luxury shooting brake ZEEKR 001 and urban compact luxury SUV ZEEKR X to customers starting later this year.

Through ZEEKR Charge, customers will receive a welcome pack with a charging card and relevant information. This service will grant ZEEKR drivers access to over 550,000 charge points across 27 European countries, making it convenient and hassle-free to charge their electric vehicles. The partnership with Plugsurfing, one of Europe’s leading e-mobility service providers, ensures that ZEEKR users will have access to a reliable and expansive charging network.

Plugsurfing has established itself as a trusted player in the EV charging industry since 2012, with over 1.5 million drivers and 550,000 charge points connected to their platform. By leveraging Plugsurfing’s modular e-mobility service, ZEEKR will be able to provide a seamless charging experience to its customers. The service will include automated onboarding campaigns and custom in-app illustrations designed to guide ZEEKR drivers through the EV ownership experience.

ZEEKR’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility by addressing the barriers that hinder people from going electric. By partnering with Plugsurfing, ZEEKR aims to make e-mobility more accessible and joyful for all. Plugsurfing’s premium customer service will provide round-the-clock support for ZEEKR drivers.

As ZEEKR enters the European market, its goal is to establish a strong presence in one of the world’s most established luxury car markets by the end of 2026. With Plugsurfing’s public charging service, known as ZEEKR Charge, ZEEKR will have the necessary infrastructure and support to achieve its ambitions.

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